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Yosemite Renaissance

Artists-in-Residence Program

The Yosemite Artists-in-Residence Program, previously administered by the National Park Service, is now a program of Yosemite Renaissance, Inc. Yosemite Renaissance is a non-profit organization for the support of the arts of Yosemite; its primary function over the last twenty-five years has been to organize the Yosemite Renaissance competitive art exhibition.

The Artists-in-Residence Program was put on hold when the cabin we were renting for residents was sold. The National Park Service is expected to lend a cabin in Wawona for our use, but it needs significant structural repairs.  The auction that we held in late August 2008 raised, we hope, a significant percentage of the funds needed for these repairs.  However, as of July 2011, we have not been able to complete the contractual agreement required before work can begin on the cabin.  Once we have fulfilled our commitments to previously selected artists and have housing available, we will reopen our selection process to new artists.

New dates will be posted here, on this website first, and some time later in advertisements and listings. Please do not send queries or portfolios for consideration until the new dates are announced on this website.

Please note that if you have read about our ogram in an AIR guidebook or on another

Susan Klein, artist-in-residence, also an exhibitor in Yosemite Renaissance XXVI.

















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